Irkutsk regional dental clinic

   Regional health care institution “Irkutsk regional dental polyclinic” is located in the historical center of Irkutsk in a building-a monument of history and culture of the late XIX-early XX centuries.”Manor complex of merchant Antonov: profitable house of A. K. Prelovskaya.»

        At the beginning of the twentieth century, dental care for residents of Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region was provided by dentists who graduated from dental schools. In 1936, a dental Institute was established in Irkutsk, where doctors were trained. This made it possible to equip the medical network with qualified specialists, as well as provide rear hospitals with medical personnel during the war years. Doctors gained extensive practical experience in the treatment of wounded dental patients, which gave a major breakthrough in the post-war period for the organization of qualified dental care in Irkutsk and the region. The accumulated extensive experience was passed on to students of the dental Institute, who after graduation were distributed to the districts of the region and were the organizers of district dental services.

However, the development of the network of dental institutions lagged behind the needs of the population. In a poorly adapted room, the regional budget dental clinic and the dental Department of the Irkutsk children’s hospital were located. They were poorly equipped with modern medical equipment, there was a lack of personnel, etc.

This situation with the provision of dental care to the population was created due to insufficient attention to this type of medical care on the part of health authorities, Executive committees of district and city Councils.

In order to further improve dental care for the population and in compliance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR of September 15, 1961 No. 1171 “on measures to improve dental care for the population» –

Executive Committee of the regional Council by decision No. 223 of may 5, 1962:

– to ensure during 1962-65 the development of a network of independent dental clinics, departments and offices in medical institutions through new construction and allocation of appropriate premises;

– to organize in 1962-63 specialized dental clinics for at least 30 medical positions each, allocating the necessary premises. By this decision, the regional dental polyclinic was allocated a room at 49 K. Marx street for 200 visits, which was formerly the building of the regional Federal District. In 1978, by decision No. 21/157 of 27.02.78, the building of the polyclinic was transferred to the balance of the regional dental polyclinic of the regional Executive Committee’s health Department.

Until 1962, the regional dental clinic was located in an adapted room. From this moment, a new era in the development of the “Regional dental clinic” began.

Until 1971, the Irkutsk regional health Department had: a regional dental polyclinic and a regional paid dental polyclinic, which, on the basis of order No. 3 of the Irkutsk regional health Department of January 5, 1971, are combined into a single dental polyclinic and the same order to appoint the chief doctor of the polyclinic- Galanina I. Ya., who headed the polyclinic until 1986. Deputy chief physician of the polyclinic to appoint — Rafienko I. G.In 1986, V. N. Shipaev was appointed chief physician of the polyclinic., who headed the clinic until October 2010. November 2010-March 2012 The clinic was headed by Alekseyeva E.A., appointed chief medical officer since April 2012 – Semikozov O. V., since 2016 heads the polyclinic A. V. Litvintsev.

The regional dental clinic is the base for Irkutsk medical University and consists of :

– a medical and preventive Department, which includes: a Department of therapeutic dentistry, a children’s Department with orthodontic care, and a surgical Department. The medical Department provides treatment of major dental diseases, hard and soft tissue diseases, And Prevention of dental and maxillofacial anomalies in children and adults. The work uses modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, modern filling materials are used. In the surgical office, all types of outpatient care are provided using active surgical tactics and modern anesthetics, and various orthodontic devices and braces are used to correct the anomalies of CP.;;

– Department of orthopedic dentistry-provides all types of prosthetics using modern technologies: clasp prosthetics, metal-ceramic prosthetics, metal-plastic prosthetics, removable and non-removable prosthetics. There are three dental laboratories and a foundry laboratory where modern materials and equipment are used to produce all types of structures;

– x-ray room, is the leading diagnostic Department of the polyclinic and is equipped with modern x-ray equipment;

– physiotherapy room, also equipped with modern equipment, used in the treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa, prevention of caries in children, as an additional treatment for inflammatory diseases CHL. O.

At the beginning of the development of the dental polyclinic and up to the present time, a dedicated team of like-minded doctors of the orthopedic and therapeutic departments has been formed.

Great contribution to the work of the polyclinic was made by the luminaries of the polyclinic:

Smirnova E. F.-orthopedic dentist of the highest category, worked during the second world war in hospitals in Irkutsk, providing assistance to the wounded H,L,O. And worked since the Foundation of the dental clinic;

Kofman L. A.-dental surgeon who worked during the second world war in the Irkutsk hospital;

M. M. tsarinsky-chief physician of a paid dental clinic, Galanin I. Ya. – chief physician of the dental clinic since 1971;

Shipaev V. N.-chief physician of the dental clinic since 1986, dentist-surgeon of the highest category, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation;

Rafienko I. G.-worked as a Deputy chief physician from 1971-2011.

Dentist of the highest category, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation;

Emshinetskaya A. F.-head of the medical and preventive Department in the 70s;

Kulgavov V. G.-head of the medical and preventive Department from 1982 to 2011, orthopedic dentist and dental surgeon of the highest category, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the iaeb;

Nesteruk G. M.-doctor of the highest category, headed the Department of pediatric dentistry from the day of its formation;

Fonareva L. G.-chief nurse of the polyclinic since the day of the regional dental polyclinic Foundation;

Nesterov P. N.-participant of the great Patriotic war, order-bearer, who worked for many years as a caretaker of a polyclinic, now a living pensioner.

Currently, they have been working for more than 35 years: Pustozerova O. V.-orthopedic dentist of the highest category, Kolesnikova L. V.-children’s dentist of the highest category, nurses-Shabrat N. M., dental technicians –Syusina V. E., Kuryanov A. F., Lisenko N. I., Kutliakhmetova L. M. – chief accountant.

       The Irkutsk regional dental polyclinic IS a large dental medical institution operating in the system of compulsory medical insurance, providing free dental treatment and preventive care to residents of Irkutsk, the Irkutsk region and other regions of Russia.